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  • Address:
  • 550 West Elm Street
  • Lima, OH 45801
  • USA
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In Support of Habitat for Humanity Lima Area
Founded in 1991 in Allen County in West Central Ohio, Habitat for Humanity-Lima Area, Inc. has built 55 houses in the area as of 2019. The Lima Area affiliate also helps to build houses internationally. It gives 10% of its unrestricted income toward international Habitat for Humanity work. This tithe is based on the Biblical principle of being generous toward others and giving back a portion of the gifts entrusted to us. For every dollar tithed from the Lima Area Habitat for Humanity, 50% goes to Guatemala and 50% goes to Africa/Middle East. From 1992-2019, the Lima Area Habitat has given approximately $275,000 in tithe money, which has impacted over 100 international families. In 2008 the affiliate took another significant step in leasing a building and opening a ReStore on E. Wayne Street in downtown Lima. In 2012 the Lima Affiliate moved both the ReStore and Habitat offices to 550 W. Elm Street. The building also houses a warehouse for construction and construction materials used in the house building work. The affiliate is deeply grateful for the untold numbers of persons who have supported its housing ministry—construction and ReStore volunteers, donors, board and committee members and many others who have offered encouragement, counsel and prayers. With the assistance of many people, churches and businesses, individuals and families have achieved the dream of home ownership - likely impossible without the assistance of Habitat!